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Business Associates


Clydesdale Bank plc.


Messrs. I. A. Stewart & Co., Chartered Accountants, The Mechanics Workshop, New Lanark, ML11 9DB. Contact Alan M. Kerr, Partner.


The Firm carries full compulsory Professional Indemnity Insurance cover (claim-free) under the Law Society of Scotland Scheme.

Walter Sneddon

LL.B., S.S.C., N.P., M.C.I.Arb., F.B.S.C., FSA Scot.

Walter is based at the Firm's Armadale office where he specialises in conveyancing, commercial transactions, property and development work and business law. He is Company Secretary to various busy limited companies in Central Scotland including civil and structural engineers, painting contractors, haulage contractors and builders

He undertakes many interesting, important and (sometimes!) complex conveyancing and commercial transactions, including high value transactions. Walter has handled several M.B.O.s and regularly receives instructions to act for commercial lenders, often in high value securities. He acts for builders, developers, clubs and charities as well as for many private clients. Walter also undertakes reparation claims including negligence cases.


Claire V.F. Hooper

LL.B. (Hons), Dip. LP., N.P.

Claire has been with us for many years and became a partner in 2014. Claire is based at the Firm's Armadale office. She deals with a wide variety of legal work including property purchase and sale, wills, powers of attorney, company formations, separation agreements and general chamber work.


Brian D. Lawson

M.A.(Hons), LL.B., Dip. L.P, N.P.

Brian is based at the Firm's Bo'ness office and handles a wide variety of work including property purchases and sales, wills and executries, powers of attorney, reparation, matrimonial, general contract work and licensing.


The People of the Practice

Laura Moore, LL.B. (Hons), Dip. L.P.  was admitted as a Solicitor in 2006 and works from the Firm's Armadale office. Laura previously worked in a large city law firm and has a broad range of experience in many areas of law. She deals with agricultural, rural, residential and commercial property matters, renewable energies, wills, trusts and executries, powers of attorney and general chamber work.

Sean Greenwood is the Firm's Property Sales Manager. Sean brings a great deal of enthusiasm and many years' knowledge and experience as an estate agent in the residential property market. He undertakes our property valuations, property photography, drafts sales particulars and negotiates property sales for our clients. Sean is available to provide valuable advice and guidance to sellers and potential sellers alike and can give a no obligation free assesment of the value of your residential property during normal business hours and can be contacted on 07894 867660.

Linda Sneddon SLA, ABSC is one of the Firm's Practice Managers and has many years experience in management, cashroom work and executry practice. She has been a qualified Law Accountant for more than 20 years and looks after the day to day running of the business. Linda attends to many of the executries handled by the Firm.

Caralyn Rowe, BA, SLA, FSSP, is the other Practice Manager. She is a dual qualified as both a Law Accountant and a Law Society of Scotland registered Executry Paralegal.



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  • Lucy Daly
  • Pamela Stones


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